2020 Concerts schedule is available

2020 schedule has concerts in Sao Paulo (Brazil), Orlando and St. Petersburg so far, in addition to masterclasses in Tampa, Madison, Santos (Brazil) and Sao Paulo (Brazil).

The January 24th concert in Orlando will be available worldwide on the internet.

In February 2020, Adolfo and his trio will be featured in an interview at WUSF radio, in Tampa.

2019 Paris Jazz Tour

Adolfo Mendonça will join the USF Jazztet and USF Bone Band for a concerts in Paris and Lyon, France, in June-2019!

2019 La Lucha´s concert in Tampa

Adolfo Mendonça will play as a guest musician with Tampa based band "La Lucha". The concert will feature songs of La Lucha´s last album, Pa´Lante.

More info:

University of South Florida website mention Adolfo Mendonça masterclasses tour in Brazil

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