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"The keyboardist's sprightly playing evokes Chick Corea at his most lyrical. (...) The album title's track has the breezy feel of bossa nova, but is electrified by fusion elements that color and texture the mix." (JAZZIZ, Winter 2023)

"Adolfo Mendonça had created a lovely Brazilian recording: "Brazilian Childhood' full of resounding originals and standards you'll love. Well-crafted production and great playing from everyone involved, will take your mind off all the troubles in the world these days, so please check this out, just sit back relax and enjoy from beginning to end! Was happy to be featured on the tune: "Ponta Da Praia" of which I'm very proud..." (Randy Brecker October '23)

“Brazilian Childhood serves as a perfect introduction to the musical talents of Adolfo Mendonca, a keyboardist and composer who is well worth discovering”. (Scott Yanow, jazz journalist, Sep. 2023)

  “Proves that although Brazilian jazz may have begun with Antonio Jobim, it did not end there. (…) Mendonca’s touch on the keyboards gives hints of soul/jazz icon Joe Sample, and his acoustic tone is as warm and soft as a veteran catcher’s mitt.”. (George Harris, Jazz Weekly, Oct 2023)


Adolfo Mendonça performed in jazz clubs and festivals in Brazil, US, France, and Mexico and is currently promoting his album "Brazilian Childhood" (featuring Randy Brecker, Jose Valentino Ruiz and Tammy Scheffer among many musicians from five continents) showing a blend between American jazz, Brazilian music and progressive rock.
He has recently played sold-out performances at the Blue Note Sao Paulo and concerts in 
in Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and North Dakota. he is also the Director of Jazz Studies at the University of Minnesota-Morris and taught several masterclasses and guest lectures in prestigious universities and conservatories in the US and Latin America, in addition to presenting in many of the most important music conferences in the US.





May 18th - Rio Santos Jazz Festival - Santos, Brazil

May 17th - JazzB - Sao Paulo, Brazil

May 16th - Gru Jazz Festival - Guarulhos, Brazil


May 16th - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Masterclass at Universidade de Sao Paulo

May 14th - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Masterclass at Faculdade Souza Lima Berklee

May 10th - Santiago, Chile
Masterclass at Universidad de Chile

May 9th - Santiago, Chile
Masterclass at Universidad de Chile

May 8th - Thelonious Lugar de Jazz - Santiago, Chile

May 8th - Santiago, Chile
Masterclasses with La Errante and La Chile Big Bands (Universidad de Chile)

May 7th - Thelonious Lugar de Jazz - Santiago, Chile


May 6th - Arcos University - Santiago, Chile
Brazilian music workshop + masterclass with Los Andes Big Band

May 3rd - Timucua White House - Orlando, FL


April 13th - Jazz Central Studios (with Remy Le Boeuf, Alejandro Arenas and Mark Feinman) - Minneapolis, MN, USA

April 12th - UMN Jazz Festival (with Remy Le Boeuf, Dean Sorenson, James Suggs, Alejandro Arenas, Mark Feinman and Yulene Velasquez) - Morris, MN, USA

February 1 and 2 - North Dakota State University Jazz Festival - Fargo, ND


November 6th - Sidestreet - Fargo, ND


July 7th - The Noce - Des Moines, IA, USA

July 1st - James Theater - Iowa City, IA, USA

Brazilian Childhood tour

June 1st - Rootanaga Jazz Festival - Galesburg, IL, USA

January 8th - St. Petersburg, FL, USA


Brazilian Childhood tour
Tickets at

January 7th - Orlando, FL, USA

Timucua White House

Brazilian Childhood tour
Tickets at

January 4th - Orlando, FL, USA
Jazz Education Network Conference

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